Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services for any of your wheel needs.

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What We Offer

Refinishing Services:

-Standard Powder coating (White, Black, Silver, Bronze, Gunmetal, etc.)
-Candy Powder coating (Transparent Colors, Dual Stage & Triple Stage Colors)
-Mirror Polishing
-Hand Polishing
-Plating (Triple Chrome, Black Chrome, Copper, Rose Gold)

Repair Services

-Repairing Curb Rashes
-Repairing Metal Chippings 
-Unbending Lips/Barrels
-Unbending Faces
-Replacing Lips/Barrels
-Resealing Silicone

Ceramic Coating Services:

We offer 7+ Years ceramic coating on any and/or all wheel parts.

Resizing Services:




-2 Piece Modular to 3 Piece Conversions

-3 Piece Weld Splitting

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